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established in 1989, was one of the first gallery newcomers to the reawakened art scene of the reunited Germany. The gallery has received the highest critical acclaim from its beginning. Gallery Schuster also regularly participates in the major international art fairs including Basel, Miami, New York, Berlin and Cologne.

Gallery Schuster cultivates networking relationships with major museums and international collections. In the year 2011 Galerie Schuster took the responsibility for the contemporary art section of the Dezerschauhalle Miami. In the year 2012 Helmut Schuster was elected as the director of WEAM Miami and also Art Africa Miami. Helmut Schuster is the personal consultant to the Dean of Archtecture and the Arts at FIU Miami. The gallery's exhibition program and its represented artists, centers around emerging international art.


​Where and Who?


​Artistic Director is HELMUT SCHUSTER  |  General Manager and chief of staff is CLAUDIA SCHUSTER​​

Ancillary Gallery Activities 

From  beginning, Gallery Schuster ​ has created multi-disciplinary events and activities.

In the year 1993 the Gallery collaborated with the Frankfurt Book Show a crossover exhibition in a 100,000 sq ft Exhibition Space, including like Städel Museum, MMK Frankfurt, Beuys  Foundation and others. This was the beginning of a long series of crossover activities including the film Scissors and Glue 2011, produced by Zuckerfilm Berlin. The Gallery organized countless charity events, with the auction for Haiti BERLIN/HAITI being just one example. The fundraising campaign, in the year 2010, was a collaborative effort with the German Ambassy in Miami, the City of Miami and Little Haiti Cultural Center, with innumerable artists and museums from Berlin and around the world.

​​2011 was the  start of a cooperation with Caritas Germany which ended in the book and the exhibition INCLUSIV. Inclusive is an ongoing eye-to-eye level project between handicapped artists and their so-called not handicapped colleagues.​

​Gallery Schuster founded the art talk show Art personality, which had its pilot in the Guggenheim Museum Berlin and designed the project study for the Schauhallen Berlin together with Kahlfeld Architects Berlin.
​​​​Since its beginning Gallery Schuster has had an affinity to the fashion world. In the year 2003  the Gallery Schuster shared exhibition space with the fashion company Goldpfeil in its Paris Gallery Space located in the prominent Avenue George Cinque. In the year 2010 ,the Gallery started a cooperation with Bruno Banani to establish the Label Bunny Yeager in the Art and the Fashion World.

In the year 2011 Galerie Schuster established the Contemporary Art Department at Dezerschauhalle Miami in Cooperation with Michael Dezer Miami/New York.

Gallery Schuster started in the year 2012 a Cooperation with WEAM in Miami and also with Art Africa Miami. ​

The Gallery is consulting the College of Architecture and the ARTS at FIU Miami.




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